Monday, October 4

I no likey change...

No likey.
at ALL!

Our computer died... well, truth be told it sits on the desk in our classroom on life support, but ONE of us needs to be brave and pull the plug. 

So when said computer died, I lost my 2009 blog book that was practically done except for a few entries and the ever necessary spellcheck on the whole deal.

Now it is all gone.  Complete do over.  Whaaaaaa! snort!  HIccuP!

On top of that... I am a total lazy blogger.  I really do this to journal.  Photos are never edited, just slapped on the post... nice, quick, done.

Our new computer doesn't like nice, quick, done.  It wants me to be fancy.  When I take pictures... I point... I click.  I hire professionals to capture something truly important.  I don't fiddle, I don't crop, I just point, click, download... or so I used to.

So frustrated tears and pouting set aside... I must figure out a new 'method' to my madness.  I am now convinced it can't be as simple as the old way... but hopefully I can figure this all out.

And in that process start over from scratch with my 2009 blog book and finish by years end, so I am back on track to start/finish 2010 at first of next year.

Blogging/blog book was my solution to scrapbooking and journaling, which I was terribly inconsistent with.   I really, REALLY want to keep this up, gotta dig deep and find a storage of stubbornness down deep to wallow in!


Beth said...

I hear ya on the blog book! I had worked on mine for about 2 weeks nonstop when our computer crashed and it was all gone. I had gotten through a year. :( And I've been too mad since to do another one. Gah! Good luck. Maybe when you complete this one it will inspire me to do another one! ;)

Jen said...

Oh my heart hurts for you...seriously. I lost the blog book I was working on once (8 months worth) and it took me at least 6 months to get over it and start over. Just keep telling yourself, Baby steps, baby steps.

karen said...

I am suprised you are not just in tears. That is a big loss. Good luck getting it back together without any more hiccups.

Jenni said...

Do you want Howard to look at it? He has his ways... Guess that's why he makes his living at computer work. he can take it too work and see if he can salvage anything.