Saturday, October 9

Culinary Arts... my kitchen may not survive

Savannah and Christian are taking Culinary Arts this school year.
They have a cooking assignment each week to complete.

Their first week they had to choose a recipe that used potatoes.
And, ummm, well... they proved that potatoes can be very, very messy!
please ignore the under cabinet light that randomly fell down... the kids were actually innocent of this destruction...but
I really like a clean kitchen.  Which is not to say it is always spotless, but I feel unsettled if my kitchen is trashed.  Suffice to say, I am mighty 'unsettled' when Savannah and Christian are making their creations, whimper!
The potato grit on the floor was amazing, and the fact that they weren't actually trying to slime the whole floor is remarkable.
Savannah dusted the floor with flour for good measure.  Wouldn't want anything to stick to the floor now would we?!
In the end, after the whirlwind, in the aftermath of the disaster....
Christian made absolutely yummy potato pancakes, and
Savannah made a very good potato salad.
So far their track record has been pretty YUM!
They have also made fresh squeezed lemonade, deviled eggs, baked apples, citrus salad, and double chocolate pudding with banana whip cream.

I think the concept of cleaning as you go will definitely need to be covered in an upcoming Culinary lesson, yep!

Again, please forgive me for my massive amount of 'catch up' posts, I'll get back on track eventually, hopefully, surely...

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karen said...

Ok so your kitchen may be a litte untidy but seriously how fun is that! That is one of the blessings of homeschool. I love it! And I still feel bad for Ty. Even though he is over it, he looked so sad. I am glad all is well.