Wednesday, October 27

beaks and feathers....hebejebees!

Birds kinda weird me out, I've always been nervous around them.
I think having the chickens is helping me grow more tolerant.
At least I better be getting more tolerant as I keep adding birdhouses to the farm!

When we were in Amish Country earlier this summer, I would not leave without a couple Amish made birdhouses.  I was thrilled to find the exact style I wanted too.
Here they are after we got them home.
I needed to stain/paint them and then get Shawn to help place them.
Remarkably this project didn't take me forever... just about 3 months :)
I stained the roofs a charcoal grey and painted the bases white.  The posts will grey with time.  Thrilled with the results.
The smaller of the two birdhouses was put in the center of our circular drive.  I went back and forth on height, trying to remember that there will be plantings at its base eventually... those planting will 'ground' the birdhouses... so I think we got it placed perfectly!
The big birdhouse is in the planting bed (using the term planting bed very loosely as there are yet plantings actually there, grin) in front of the old barn.
I look forward to when we start planting this huge area, it will look amazing!
 We had some friends that had to have a huge pinetree cut down and I had Shawn and Christian haul 9 of these gigantic slices home.  I had them plop three here and the rest are near our entrance.  They will look so beautiful as they age.  
I think our friends thought we were kooks when we asked if it was OK to haul off this wood.
Won't be the last time I ask dear husband to bring home something off the side of the road,
poor guy!

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