Friday, October 8

Destin 2010

Do I dare hope?
I think I got this new setup figured out... don't want to jinx myself... but if I indeed do, be prepared for a bombardment of catch up posts.
Beginning with our trip to Destin.
Each year we take an 'early' fall break to the beach.  This year we had the blast of first going to Mayfield family vacation to Smith Lake.  We stayed there 3 days and left and drove straight to Destin for Labor day WEEK!

On Labor Day we spent the whole day at a water park, Big Kahuna.
Sadly, this was the first and last day for Ty to get into the water.  He got a nasty ear infection the very next day... so bad that two weeks later, after we had returned home, we were in an ENT office because of its severity.  But all is well with that now, whew!

At least Savannah and Christian still had a blast on the beach.
To compensate for the time lost on water activities, Shawn and the kids did lots of other activities like golfing and Deep Sea Fishing!  Me?  I took these opportunities to antique shop, quietly read on the beach, and watch HGTV :)
The kids have gotten the chance to go out fishing several times in the past years.  This trip was the longest, this excursion lasted 9 hours.  It was a great blend of relaxation, excitement, and site seeing.

At one point, Shawn almost lost his youngest son over the side of the boat!  Luckily the end result was just a lost fishing pole, whew!

Poor guy, he had to take a quick break to lay down while he got his ear drops, pityful.
Their all day trip was a HUGE success!
Shawn carried all this fish meat home, as in Alabama home, in our cooler.  Suffice it to say
THAT particular cooler is now relegated to only holding fish, puewwwwy!

Another amazing family vacay to the beach, even with the added adventure of an ear infection that had multiple doctors cringing in unbelief as to the severity.  Now that Ty is 8, this is the age that ear infections start to taper off (something to do with angle of ear canal?).  So his ENT has instructed me for the next year to use swimmers ear drops if Ty even as much as looks at water! 
Shall DO!

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You guys are such a great family! Thanks for sharing.