Monday, October 18

Ty... older cousin... keeper!

Ty really, really, really likes having his younger cousin come over.
Cause they make him feel the absolute coolest... they are great guinea pigs... and any messes made can be blamed on them.  Score!!
 Noah and Eden came and spent the day on Friday.
First item on to do list... a blanket fort.  Classic!  Quilts were retrieved from linen closet upstairs... launched from the upstairs railing, much to delight of Noah and Eden, and then tried and true construction using kitchen chairs, pillows, and books to hold fort roofing.
Then, and only then, could Noah and Ty sprawl out on top of coffee table, under the protection of the fort, to play DVD games.
 Next stop... top of the stairs.
But first the VERY necessary step of padding the walls on the stair landing... Ty has much experience with this activity and has taken meticulous notes as to how to prevent previous occuring injuries!
Eden evaluated the safety precautions and decided that they met her standards and participated in the following events.
 Noah is, ummm, shall we say... very, extremely, painfully... cautious.
Aunt Dawn was quite shocked that he fully trusted Ty and jumped on the 'stair mobile' with not an ounce of fear... in fact I would label it reckless abandon.
Trip after successful trip made him down right giddy.  Whew!
 Eden went down once with both the boys... made it down to the bottom safe and sound... but promptly removed herself from the blanket/pillow contraption and just watched after that.
Riding down the stairs does have its critics... I for one do not understand the fun in the jarring ride... but it continues to be one of the favorite entertainment rides offered by Ty.
 Next stop... outside... indoor play never lasts long out here... I like it that way!
Snack time is popcorn.  There are so many bags of popcorn popped on the farm.  Why?!
Cause popcorn translates perfectly from children grub to chicken food.
 Eden showed less than attractive traits at this time... shall we say... Popcorn Nazi... or maybe... the Kernel Diva?!  Either way, she felt the popcorn was just plain and simply wasted on a bunch of chickens and guarded the bowl with her entire body at times.
 Her technique quickly became shovel, cram, inhale, any and all popcorn as fast as possible.  Never mind that Aunt Dawn was telling her to slow down.  No choking occurred thankfully!
 Additional notes taken on this farm visit:
Noah has great popcorn throwing skills and has now become the chicken's favorite visitor;
Our border collie, Cooper, loves chees-its... our second snack of the day which Noah also was quite generous with;
Scooters are a blast to ride on our driveway but Noah would prefer brakes to be installed asap;
Popcorn and Chees-its and Muffins attract enormous amounts of fireants and Noah obviously has quite the scrumptious set of toes;
Eden naps h.a.r.d. on Aunt Dawn's bed and could have slept for many hours but her mom needed to get home and Eden was quite offended;
and last but not least... Noah forgets things quickly... or at least he seemed to forget prior scooter incident by the fact that he rode the 4wheeler WIDE OPEN (with Savannah as co-driver of course).
We had such a great weekend!


Lisha said...

Nathan says: "I want to see me and Ty." Heehee.

Lisha said...

Does this mean Nathan's done the stair-riding extravaganza?!!

(Sorry, little hands finished my first comment before I was done!