Monday, October 25

effort? minimum!

I usually decorate for Fall... usually.
Truth is I have been knocking out other projects and so I have gone with the more lazy pathetic  understated fall decor.  You buying that lame-O jibberish.  Me neither.

But see?  I did do some strategic placement of cuteness.
 And I almost broke a sweat as I pointed to this collection of pumpkins and ordered my oldest son to put them in the cart at the Farmer's Market.
 Oh how I love our stairs... and the pumpkins are adorably placed, yep... you guessed it, by child labor.
So lets get to the real enthusiasts of the family.
The artists!
Because only an artistic sort would revel in the task of scooping out slimey pumpkin guts, snicker!
Werewolf by Christian.  Bat by Savannah.  Skulls by Ty.
 And this little ditty was also by Christian.
And where is Shawn's masterfully carved Pumpkin?  Afterall he grabbed a p'kin at the market.  
I think in the end, my laziness rubbed off on him.  Way to take a stand sweetie.  
Who likes artistic over-achievers anyway!  Show offs!

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Cassie Blake said...

I love the pumpkins on the stair case!!! Oh and you guys are amazing at carving pumpkins i suck at it.