Saturday, October 23

Tall and Skinny

In our Family Room / Kitchen, we don't have any open space on our back wall because of the wonderful casement windows along the whole space.
But as the wall makes this turn around our table... I have wanted a little something in these little tall and skinny sections.
Finally I found a solution... so happy with the end result!

On the left side, I placed these cream plates I found at a local antique store.  They are almost flat, which was important as I hope to one day have boothlike seating under the windows for this table and I didn't want to hang anything there that would get bumped or be in the way.
On the right side I made this little menu board.
Literally chalkboard painted a piece of wood and whalaaah!
I actually made the menu board with no forethought on how I would hang it.
In the end I literally drilled two big holes and hung it on two nails... so easy to slip on and off these nails when I want to doodle on it.
I took an extra pull leftover from our kitchen cabinets and just turned it upside down to hold the chalk.
So glad I finally came up with something for this space, yay!!!
Maybe some time in the next 10 years I will finish the roman shades I want for all these windows.  I have resigned myself to the fact that I would never spend the money required to buy shades for these NON-standard sized windows.  Someday....

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