Sunday, October 10

Goodbye Summer

Things are winding down here on the farm.  Fall marks the time for lots of 'busy' work outside.  Preparing barns and the coop for winter.  Tidying up all the foliage so it doesn't look too barren over the next several months.  This Fall has not produced much color for us, so many of our maples and other trees/bushes took the recent heat and dryness pretty hard and have already lost most of their leaves.  There is no pampering of any vegetation, sadly there is not enough hoses to even attempt it.  We will have to wait till Spring to see if there was any permanent losses, whimper.
But we are enjoying the few pops of reds/oranges/and golds we have nonetheless!
Each Fall I mourn the passing of my hydrangea blooms the most.  I really am addicted, no joke!  I have blooms in my house for months on end and it seems odd when the vases/containers stand empty.
This was THE last bloom.  I hoped it would dry well and I could just keep it forever, but no.  I need to learn the trick for having hydrangeas dry pretty...
But never fear... I have a master plan!
I have tons of art shelves in my home.  The reason I prefer mantles and art shelves is because I have lots of art pieces (and the stash grows steadily) and I can ever change out the art with my moods and seasons.
But in my Master Bedroom I do not have any shelves.  Art is just leaning on the furniture or floor or I have made the ultimate decision to pop a nail in the wall and hang.  On one barren wall, I have decided to hang my favorite art... giving NO caution to seasons... just pure and simply art that I love or that contains subject matter I love.
Going back a few months, I had our farm photographer, teehee, not sure she knows she has that official title... Kim Greenfield of a greenfield photography... take photos of the farm.  I actually had told her to go with her gut!   Focusing on more structural elements, rusty nails, decomposing logging wagon that will soon be dust, etc.

Thankfully!  So very thankfully!!!  A natural element spoke to Kim!
Because the below two photos are two of my favorites from the 170+ photos she took.
I am going to get both of these made into HUGE canvases.
One will most definitely reside on that MasterBedroom wall... Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...
permanent residence!
I will have at least one gorgeous hydrangea always in my home... sigh... yep... I love 'em.
Now the tough decision, WHICH ONE?
Trust me if I had room for both on that wall, I would NOT edit.

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kg said...

When I look at my sad barley thriving hydrangeas I think of you and the hope you told me they may take a couple of years to get going...if not I will always enjoy yours :) I'm so glad you like the pictures and would love to see how a canvas print turns out!