Wednesday, October 20

The dictionary should be more clear...

So I wonder if many of the items I own fall under the innocent title of 'collections':
noun; an accumulation of objects gathered for study, comparison, or exhibition
have I, not so innocently, crossed over into something else all together, 'addiction':
noun; to devote or surrender oneself to something habitually or obsessively
 I could probably look up obsessive next.
So... I have a few ladders in and around my home.  A few.  a couple.  SIX!
With 10+ feet ceilings throughout my home they visually are incredible and draw the eye up.

My latest ladder I stalked for many years.  It quietly sat in my favorite antique store located in Destin, FL.  Year after year as we return there, I would hold my breath to see if my ladder was still there waiting for me.  Never mind that I could not afford it.  Never mind that I was quite sure we could not get it all the way back home.  Never mind! Year after year, as if to taunt me... the ladder would be there waiting for me... often the price dropped in small increments.  If I did not love this ladder so, I would say it was mocking me.

But then the final straw.  September 2010.  Me standing in front of MY ladder in my favorite antique store and the price is slashed drastically.  Instant feelings of absolute excitement and dread.  Now the price was more than reasonable, but... I still had the itty bitty technicality of getting it home.  Because... see... I didn't even know how long this ladder even was... it started out on the floor and slanted up... way up... and the top disappeared into the rafters and insulation of the building.  For sure, it was taller than 10feet.  So what was I to do?  SOLD.

Have I stated how patient and mellow my dear husband is.  I guess I should throw in forgiving and long suffering to paint a more accurate picture.
Shawn went to the antique store with Christian, loaded the beast in our trailer, which by the way it did not even begin to fit in to it was too long, got it safely back to our rental house, and then proceeded to strap this ladder to the top of our SUV for the 6 hour drive home. 
By the way... it is a few inches short of 17 feet.
I dreamed of putting it in this exact location!  We have this weird ledge (necessary for certain supports, etc, blah, blah, blah... was never thrilled with the final look of that darn ledge).  But now that we have the ladder... I think I am going to create the illusion of an old library shelf.
You know... the tall book shelves that you have to have a ladder to reach the tallest books?!
I have been collecting old books... some for their content, most of them for their colors.
My most expensive book?  Country Mouse.  Love it!
We don't have cable or satellite TV, so the kids only watch movies.  Savannah has loved watching all the old Little House on the Prairie series.  I found this old book and it is my second favorite.
So now I am on the hunt for more books, thats a long ledge afterall... one collection leading to another.
Or is that 'one addiction leading to another'.
Collection!  right?
Or how's this for another wonderful word looked up in the dictionary...

noun; refusal to admit the truth or reality


Lisha said...

Can't wait to see it in person!

kg said...

This latter and post makes me so happy :)

karen said...

Oh that is a great find. I love it and you have amazing talent in the decor area. Enjoy your colllection.