Sunday, August 29


Our neighbors, the Woods, whom we adore... are currently living in Germany, yep, GERMANY... and we miss them  (all 11 of them) terribly.  While they are living there, they have a wonderful couple living in their farmhouse and taking care of their property and animals.

This morning as we were leaving for church, the neighbor called to the kids to come see the baby donkey that was just born.  HUH?!??!  Perplexing cause our neighbors have a full size female donkey but not a male, of course a necessary element to have a baby, right?!.

When the kids ran over to see the baby, I told them to take the camera and we could post photos of the baby for the Woods to see in Germany.

And when Savannah came back the proof was in the photos.  Yep!  Our grey miniature donkey must have snuck over in to the neighbors pasture and found a love interest in their donkey.  Ooops!  We do beg their pardon for our wayward donkey, you think you know your animals, you try and raise them right, and then they go and disgrace you like this.  Hopefully forgiveness will be granted when they see the result of this previous scandalous rendezvous, grin!

Mommy is still extremely protective... Savannah was not able to get too close, so we think it is a girl but not 100% sure until we can get a closer inspection.
So... proof of father?  Our miniature donkey, Bart, is dark grey and he has the very distinctive markings of the nativity cross down his back and the rare markings of the tiger stripes on his legs.  BUSTED!  Bad Bart!
So... now the dilemma... do we go congratulate Bart for his beautiful baby, or ground him for the next forever for sneaking around behind our backs?  Snicker.
Now we shall wait to hear what the Woods are going to name her (or he)... they always come up with the best names for their animals!


woodsermom said...

Eric is loading the shotgun - there's gonna be a wedding!
Too cute! Sad we missed it but thanks so much for the great pics - blessings, Terri

kg said...

That is funny! We saw this donkey and assumed she was expecting!

Lisha said...

So incredibly funny! The baby is beautiful, gotta at least give Bart props for that! :)

Anonymous said...

I had a smile the entire time I read this. Funny! Well the two of 'em sure made a pretty little baby even if it was behind all y'all back. :)

MrsMama said...

So, will there be a custody battle? Maybe you can get the baby every other weekend and over Summer vacation. ;)

aydenavaalismom said...

congrats Bart!! =)

Debbie said...

I don't know... even though the baby looks just like Bart, I still think you should send them to Maury Povich to have a paternity test!! haha!