Saturday, October 3

Vintage Jars

I adore vintage jars and use them for storage all through my home. In my laundry room I have several of these jars filled with buttons, twine, and ribbon.

I had a problem with my ribbon storage. I rarely buy actual spools of ribbon... I tend to buy yardage instead to use for gift wrappings. So storage of loose ribbon has always taunted my OCD, never nice and neat. UNTIL... I saw the following suggestion here. Brilliant!

I have some mismatched, fabulous antique clothes pins that worked perfectly. My OCD is very happy now. I have a jar with my neutral ribbons, my cutey bright ribbons... for baby gifts, and my twill tapes.

I never let myself run out of twine. Twine for me is like duck tape to most men, giggle. I use if for everything. This old canning jar had the rim but not the lid, actually perfect to just plop in my twine and let the end hang out to grab, pull, cut.

Joy can really be found in the simple things, huh?!!!


MrsMama said...

Love this! It's so pretty and so clever.

Kim Mayfield said...

What a great idea! I may just have to "borrow" it! :)

Lisha said...

I love this idea, I followed the link, and I think it will be the perfet solution for my craft room - when the closet gets done and I can focus on getting everything up and away. Can't wait, thanks for the inspiration!

Beth said...

Love the idea!!!

shari said...

oooh pretty! Love that you used antique clothes pins.

aydenavaalismom said...

are you sure you didnt let misty come over and then take all the glory...LOL
you are Martha Stewart in my books Dawn!!!

Leila said...

I will have to steal the ribbon idea, for sure! I have been stuffing ribbon in my jars -- how unsatisfactory!