Friday, October 9

i am a PUREST, ummm, usually

When it comes to decorating for the Fall with pumpkins, gourds, and squash... it has to be real. Has to be. Has to be. HAS to be! I've never deviated...

until now.

This amount of cuteness could NOT be denied.

Please ignore the upc sticker still on my real pumpkin. It is NOT the cuteness of which I am referring.

I was innocently roaming Hobby Lobby yesterday when this precious narly thing reached out and grabbed my ooooooohhs and ahhhhhhhhhhhs!

It makes me happy. It is fake, but I can't deny that it makes me smile. So much so that the incredible restraint that I showed yesterday in buying only ONE... has now dissolved to complete and under nothingness! I will return and get more, hopefully ONE more... but I will not fault my weak self if I grab more.

Speaking of fake, but at least natural (it is made of grapevine, snicker)... I found this giant yumminess at PotteryBarn. I later found this tutorial and may attempt to make one too.

So blog readers, can I retain my purest label? With just a few amendments listed in itty bitty print in the description label?!

I'm gonna give myself the OK on this one.

Yep, no remorse here. I love delightful NONjudgement ;)


kg said...

I love them both...even if they're not completely real :) Would love to see your house decorated for all the different seasons!

Kim Mayfield said...

So cute! Love Hobby Lobby!

Anonymous said...

Those are some great looking finds! I saw those (I am a Hobby Lobby regular--they should know me by name now) and thought about getting them, but my money is done spent on costumes for Halloween!

T! said...

You are wonderful.

mom2eight said...

Sorry, purist or not, when something that cute says buy me, I would go for it.

the most important person to please is yourself and who better to break your own rules but yourself.