Wednesday, September 30

Deadline met, WHEW!!

Today was the last day the kids had to finish their assignment of painting the front farm fence.

At 3:15pm the task was complete, and they were very relieved. The past two weeks of rain sure put a crunch on their completion plans, so it was sweet success.

But I sure will miss seeing them coming home after a long day of painting looking like this...

It IS funny TY!! Seriously, mommy wouldn't laugh so hard if it weren't! Honest!!

Poor guy, doesn't appreciate his mom laughing at him. But he refuses to go look in the mirror! Then he could laugh with me.

Christian is a little better at keeping the head area free of paint....

Not so particular about the neck down though, and these are his pants. I'm surprised they don't stand on their own.

My ever smiling gal, exhausted, sweaty, covered in paint... and still happy, gotta love a happy gal!

Now they can throw their paint clothes on the burn pile. I've told them to enjoy the painting hiatus until next spring... our back pasture fence will be ready to paint by then (cruel chuckle!)

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kg said...

Your little farm is coming all together! And what great work for the kids to do...builds character :)