Saturday, October 24

A visit to our neck of the woods

Shawn's best friend came to visit us from Utah. Kevin's wife, Cate, gave him this trip for his birthday... in essence she gave us a huge gift too. We seriously have been looking forward to his arrival since finding out months ago that he would be coming!

His visit included visiting Shawn's office, seeing a little of H'ville, going to TN to pick up Savannah's horses, a 4wheeler trip back to the river in which Shawn and Kevin returned muddy messes, and just a lot of hanging out.

While Kevin was here last weekend, he and Shawn went to the Alabama Homecoming game.

Kevin will surely love me for including this pic, snicker.

Check out the trunk on the fellow in the background! Its hilarious to me what my husband captures when I beg him to take the camera and bring me home some bloggable photos ;)

And this photo... no surprise at all! Even I know who Erin Andrews is from ESPN... gawgeous!!

We were sad to see Kevin go back home. We hope he can bring Cate and his 4 kiddos on his next visit.


Kim Mayfield said...

Great shots!

So glad that Kevin was able to visit... it's so nice when you can get together with old friends!

mom2eight said...

sounds like the guys had fun. What a funny background in Shawns picture.

danakat said...

Fun fun fun when friends come to visit!
And I recognized that blonde on the sidelines too. ;)