Friday, October 30

sPookiTy... spOOk... sPoOk...

Woke up to a foggy, overcast, rainy day on the Thursday before Halloween. I actually love foggy, overcast, rainy days and it lent a perfect atmosphere to my plans for later in the evening.

A treasure hunt was on the schedule. This was a new little diddy that I wanted to do with the kids. They were willing participants, which isn't always the case with my many brilliant (or so to my way of thinking) schemes.

They gathered flashlights and waited patiently as I bundled the loot and hid it around the farm. I took photos and took my time waiting for it to become really... REALLY dark for their hunt. Ty is looking a tad apprehensive in the above photo... it sure was dark out there...

I attached clues to each of the bags of candy, leading them to the next stash of goodness.

{Clue #1}
Find a seat in the middle of a cement circle...

Our bench in the middle of our circular driveway.

{Clue #2}
Rhymes with high... low


{Clue #3}
Has anyone seen a skunk?

This was a trick question because we have many skunk sitings on the farm... but most recently we found a baby skunk eating eggs in our chicken coop (someone, aka Christian, forgot to close up the coop the night before)

{Clue #4}
Where can you float on your back?


{Clue #5}
Give said the little stream

Our little stream that runs off the mountain

{Clue #6}
Feeling Chilling? Throw a log on the fire!

The wood pile by our Fire Ring

The note found under a log read:

You are Victorious!
Now run home and share your treasure with your
awesome Mom and Dad.
We have hot chocolate ready to
warm your bones!

Very fun activity.
I think we will make this an annual hunt.
Now that they have shown me their excellent skills, next year's clues will be doozies, mwaaaaahhahahahaha.


Lisha said...

You're brilliant! What a fun new tradition.

Beth said...

Very fun! My yard is a little too small for that though... PS. We made mummy pizza's yesterday for dinner. Addie thought it was SO fun to make but ate so much as we made them that she wouldn't eat a bite...the little turkey!

Sandy said...

This is a great idea!! i think I will do it with my grown children when we get together for FHE

danakat said...

SO smart, you're scary. I'll be a'swipin' your genius. Thanks! :)

Quincy Sorensen said...

Oh, you're a fun mom. I like the top picture. So pastoral.

kg said...

How fun and I love that top picture!!

The Happy Haynie Family said...

You are a nut and I love it! And so do your kids apparently!