Wednesday, October 14

Whatever Spray 'N Wash can't fix, gets tossed in the burn pile!

I love to see little shoes at my backdoor, because that means we must have another little visitor at the farm.

This is Nathan, and his mom is my sil Alisha and she is visiting her sister and newest nephew in California for the next week. Nathan was not homeless but mommyless so he gets to hang with us for a week, yippee!

Nathan can not get enough of his cousin Christian. Seriously, we are talking massive groupie, constant shadow, just can't get enough, nor close enough to Christian. Me? I'm chopped liver when it comes to Nathan. I tell myself that it is because he is so very close to his mommy.

But I find great solace in the fact that Nathan finds me quite funny. No booboo, no fit, not tears, NOTHING Nathan tries can stump Aunt Dawn. Nope, I'm a real goof... Nathan would agree ;)

Each of my kids were going about their tasks this morning.

I guess Nathan was feeling left out... he sat on the back steps sulking.

I asked what was wrong... it took some charades, and multiple guessing (cause I can't quite understand everything out of this cutie's mouth), and I finally understood that Nathan wanted a task to do too.

He was put on 'feed the chickens' duty.

He's great at it! What objects he can't smoosh through the chicken wire, he lobs over the top of the fence. Task done!

Nathan crashes h.a.r.d. at bedtime when he comes to the farm.

The boy is nonstop. He blew bubbles, chased a goat, jumped on the neighbors trampoline, carried tons of gourds/pumpkins to different locations around the farm, played in the rain, and taught Aunt Dawn to never leave him unsupervised with a KitKat candy bar!?! (note to Alisha... his clothes are now soaking in Spray 'n Wash... I do not hold much hope for their recovery however).

And that is all in the first 24hrs.

Guess what...

Aunt Dawn crashes h.a.r.d. at bedtime when Nathan is on the farm too.


The Happy Haynie Family said...

Thank you for taking care of this little boy while we enjoy his mommy and little sister! By the way...I need your email address so I can invite you to read my blog. I have some very cute pictues of the newest addition to our family. (I had to go private due to circumstances)

*Lisa* said...

Oh MY, Dawn- after reading Alisha's blog lately, I hope the KitKat incident is not just the beginning ;) Good luck with little Nate-dawg!

MrsMama said...

What a cutie! I love the photo of the boys together.

I think you should be proactive and eat all of the chocolate in the house. You know, for child-proofing purposes. ;)

Beth said...

Try oxyclean spray and a stiff brush (like a bottle brush). The only thing I haven't been able to remove is huge amounts of ink. I have removed paint, chocolate milk, chocolate, tomato sauces, etc. With a child that rips her bib off, its a necessity!

He looks like he's having a blast! What a good aunt you are!

danakat said...

Well, that was great fun! I have so much blog reading to catch up on and yours was a great place to start. :)

About another BLT...we need to chat. I'll call?

The Happy Haynie Family said...

Oh thank you, thank you for the post! I miss my little man so much, although I know he is having the time of his life! Thanks again for helping out... NateDogg will be bummed he only gets to stay a week! :)

The Happy Haynie Family said...

P.S. If it hits the burn pile, it's all good... I'm used to it after having his sisters!