Tuesday, September 2

Anatomy of a 'To Do' list

Well, I didn't even last 24 hours on my whole... live spontaneously, no havta getter dones, its MY week and I'll do what a want to... no 'to do list' hissy (see prior post)! I have found that my list actually makes me happy. Truly! Do you think my addiction is linked to the process of making the list? Or is it something deeper, like the little boxes that I put next to each line item? You know.... the little boxes that were next to those ever critical notes in elementary school. "Do you like me? yes or no." I love, LOVE the little boxes. I would never tarnish 'the list' by scribbling out the whole line item when done, a nice, precise, check in the little box brings such satisfaction.
I even have my kids treading down the same addictive path of the list. Yet they are quite rebellious, love to taunt me really, because even though they make the neat little box... they check it haphazardly, usually blacking out the whole chore, whimper. WHAT?!?? That isn't how I raised them! Sometimes I look at their completed list with its doodles, scribbles, heavy markings, and wonder.... 'where, OH WHERE, did I go wrong?' Where is the respect? Half the time they don't even write the correct date at the top! No dated TO DO list? What has this world come to?! inhale... exhale... inhale... exhale... whew, all better now... just remembered I have a beautifully arranged list to get to, and all is good in my little world!


Sarah said...

I find the little boxes funny. James does the exact same thing. He makes a list everymorning at work and puts the little boxes next to each item!!! Cute, Cute!

Jen said...

Oh Dawn, I'd definitely say you have a sickness. :) j/k

I LOVE to mark right through each thing on my itemized list...love the finality of it--done, finished, don't need to think about it anymore. :)

The Happy Haynie Family said...

You are a NUT...I don't do list for the most part...I would probably be a lot better if I did though.

MaioCampo said...

I like lists, and use the boxes as well, because it helps focus the scattered mind.

But life taunts me and never goes according to the list, so I end up with a list and no checks. Ooo! That makes me so angry.

Bit I taunt life by adding to the list those things I did do, those things that prevented me from doing those things on the original list, and put boxes next to them and checks inside the boxes.

Ha! Take that you demon life! I can put checks in boxes.

Ha! Life rebuts with a taunt of it's own. But you still have the original list with no checks in the boxes. You fool! You dare to skew THE list?!

I fold my arms and pout... looking at life through squinted eyes, teeth clenched. One day I'll have my revenge. One day.

The Walker Family said...

This postis hilarious! I cannot function without my list of things to do. I do not use a box, (I do in my checkbook when an item hasn't cleared, does that count? lol)but I do check them off and the list must be neat, no scribble-scrabble. I get this from my dad, who has always been a list maker!

Clarissa and Matt said...

Well, I'm glad to know there are more obsessive "list makers" than just myself! It is an addiction and I can't quit! I totally understand! I derive so much satisfaction of making my "to do's" and checking each thing off. It's been said that "a goal not written is a goal not realized" so I say, list on! : )

Debbie said...

I make lists,too, when I know that I have a lot of things that need to get done, but I think it's hilarious that you draw the little boxes out beside them... and even funnier than James and Barry do the same thing! haha I don't think Jared inherited that OCD trait.