Thursday, September 4

SOME assembly required??!

Tad misleading... the description SHOULD have said.... 'every little tiny microscopic bit of assembly will need to be sweated, toiled, and done by purchaser!' Whew!
I love adirondack furniture. It is classic cottage seating, don't ya think? I have started to collect miscellaneous chairs that I find on sale/clearance because I want several out by the barn. I want some to surround the future pond. And I would like some to circle the fire ring. I don't mind at all, them being all different, I love the look of them and they will eventually all be painted white.
But I about peed in my pants when I found these A.chairs. I love that they had the straight upper back instead of the classic shell or arch cut (although I love those too). I think they give them a modern spin on a very traditional style. And because I have the large arches on the front porch and front door, I loved that the straight back would not be 'overkill' on the arch feature. I'm a firm believer that you can overdue arches, I prefer them to be random details, not too repetitive.
My dear sweetheart assembled 1 chair and 2 ottomans and really washed his hands of the tedious task. Christian and I did the rest and it was INDEED a task! Even though they are beautiful cedar, I definitely want to paint these eventually. From a distance they get washed out with all the neutral paint tones on the porch. Should I do classic white, very safe... or should I paint them black, very nontraditional, but I think it would be modern like their shape and possibly help them pop more from a distance out. Thoughts?
Our front porch is shaped like an 'L'. I love this little nook. I'm sure this will be my favorite spot to sit. I am thinking I need to add a little table and possibly something on the wall. I'll keep you updated on the whole front porch additions. More pics coming!

I don't know if I have already 'goooooshed' over my piece of driftwood, hopefully not, but if so, I shall gooosh again! One Sunday after church, Shawn took the kids to Ditto Landing for a stroll. I, in very predictable fashion, remained at home taking my nap, my beloved nap that I think fondly of all week long and would never deny myself of! While at Ditto, Christian saw this chunk of driftwood and thought I would love it. He thought RIGHT! Now usually driftwood drops most of its weight, but this chunk is heavy. My sweet boy hefted this piece up and carried it the rest of the way on their stroll and then all the way back to the car. When my sweeties returned home, I was waking up, and could hear a conversation going on in the next room about when Chrisitian should give 'it' to me. I laid in bed grinning, wondering what 'it' was. This was back around Mother's Day so Shawn was telling Christian to hide 'it' and give it to me then. I heard my precious guy say, 'but I want Mom to have it NOW!' And then (insert tears here) Christian said..."I don't need a special reason to give this to mom... it is Sunday, I found this for her, and I want her to have it today, cause she'll love it!" Then came the knock on my bedrm door and he entered, as I was playing oppossum! I can't tell you how much I adored my 12 year old son in that moment as he described finding that hunk of wood and KNOWING I would think it was cool, so he HAD to bring it home to me. And he WAS right, I do love it, and forever will. I have several pieces of driftwood around my home that I have collected on family reunions, etc, but this one will always be my favorite! Please notice it on my front porch when you come over, and feel free to make an obnoxious scene (in front of Christian) about how FABULOUS it is! He'll get all embarrassed and I will just melt again, ahhhhhh, the love of a son, it really is unique!


kmmclain said...

I love the driftwood. What a wonderful son you have. I love the chairs too. I would paint them black because they would definitely "pop" with the gray and white around the house. The ones you will have around the pond, and barn I would go white, or just a natural stain because those would be cooler in the hot, Alabama sun. Your home is beautiful!

danakat said...

Black! So stellar if they were black!

I'm laughing about the assembly instructions being misleading...Steve put on our conversion kit for the grill so we won't need a propane tank but can pipe right into our natural gasline...anyhoo...the front page of the instructions said: "Completed in minutes."
What should have tipped us off is that it didn't say "mere" minutes or "just" minutes. Steve swears he's going to go back to Home Depot and write "718" in between "in minutes" on every conversion set they have.

hee hee hee

Jen said...

I vote black too. We have an all white house and I love the PoP of our black rocking chairs on the front porch. :)

I'm seriously tearing up over the whole Christian giving you the driftwood story. Moments to make a mom melt....

Cari said...

I agree with everyone. The ones on the porch should be black and the ones in the yard should be white. Looking forward to testing those out at our next get together.

shari said...

Christian's driftwood is so wonderful. He sure knows his mama and he loves her too! How sweet is that?

Lisha said...

I LOVE the lines of those chairs! Where did you find such fabulous chairs? Black on pirch, white in yard, definately!

Debbie said...

I love that Christian thought of you when he saw that driftwood! That is the sweetest! I wish I had read this sooner, and I would have said something when we were over there last weekend. I'll try to remember next time.