Tuesday, September 9

Calling my bluff

A little background, Savannah and Christian learned how to ride bikes at 4 and 3. One evening for FHE, they both begged to be taught and so we thought we'd try. About 1 hour later, they both were riding, they skipped the training wheel step! Savannah never crashed, but was very timid and was very stop and go, but got it quickly. Christian crashed repeatedly. Was insulted that his dad kept wanting to hold on to his bike, wanted to be LET GO!!! But again, he was riding by the end of one evening, and had blooding elbows, knees, chin as battle scars!
Years later, there is Ty. Now usually Ty is a go-getter, very shy, but loves to master things. At the age of 6 he is amazingly good at chess, and other games that he has no business playing... RISK, MONOPOLY, etc, or so according to the age suggestions on the boxes. I guess he has reaped the rewards of having older siblings and loves to 'overachieve' in most matters. BUT ONE! The kid has NO desire to ride a bike. Not his thing! NOT interested in the least! He loves scooters and 4 wheelers but not the bike. This has worried me for some reason, doesn't every kid need to at least KNOW how to ride a bike, even if he rarely uses the skill? Ty says, "NO!!"
Until, we find ourselves at Tractor Supply. Don't laugh, we frequent this establishment quite often, NO JUDGEMENT!!! Back to Ty.... he sees a dirt bike there. Now this is no ordinary dirt bike (which are incredible all on their own). BUT this is a heavy duty, tank looking dirt bike. Ty's eyes glossed over. He stroked it, he petted it, I wiped the drool from his chin... it was getting a tad embarrassing. And then it began.... please, please, please, mom, please, I will be a good son forever, I promise, I won't ever ask for anything, ever again, as long as I live, I promise, really, come on, don't you think I would be so cute on this, mom, don't you, whatabout for Christmas, can I have it, what about Christmas AND birthday, don't say no too fast, just think about it, mom, will you think about it?!!!
But unbeknownst to him, I was on the top of my 'mommy game' (or so I thought) and calmly replied, "but sweet, yes cute, son... you would first need to know how to ride a bike before you could ride a dirt bike." Squashed! It is so heartbreaking when being a mom requires you to state the facts and dash hopes and dreams... but thems the facts cutey 6 year old.
So began the great pout of 2008! It lasted the rest of our shopping excursion and we finally arrived home. After unloading the truck at the barn, Ty ran off. I figured to ensure that the silent treatment could continue. Once I was back in the house, maybe 1/2 hour later... I hear screams for me, like crazy... alarming screaming, the ones that make you drop what you're doing and run, tears of panic starting to well up! I bust out the front door, Savannah and Christian are pointing... down the forever long drive! Lo and Behold, there's Ty, riding a bike! We were all shocked. NOONE helped him! Christian said he just got on the bike and started working at it. Please keep in mind this is on a gravel drive to boot, thankgoodness for stubborn 6 year old boys. NOW... THIS is where I immediately try to remember EXACTLY what I said at Tractor Supply... is there any 'OUT' clause for getting the dirt bike for Christmas, I'm thinking NOT!!! UGH!!!! Note to self, next time be more specific, have child sign contract that he understands learning to ride a bike does NOT guarantee ownership of said dirtbike! Back paddle, back paddle, back paddle, blirp!


Quincy Sorensen said...

Dawn, I'm going to have Zoe read this post. Maybe she needs to visit Tractor Supply, too! :)

Whil said...

...I still don't know how to ride a bike...:( (Don't be fooled by the name, this is Kayti. :))

Cari said...

I see absolutely no reason why my adorable, totally deserving, overachiever of a nephew shouldn't get the bike of his dreams! Especially since you'll be buying. Heehee.

kmmclain said...

This sounds so familiar. We think we are one step ahead, and realize we are farther behind than we thougt. I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures of the dirt bike. :)

Debbie said...

hahaha.. that is so funny! talk about motivation. i think it's hilarious that he said "wouldn't i look cute on it?" haha i was marvelling at how he was playing chess the other night, too. such a smart kid!

The Happy Haynie Family said...

You blew it!! Congrats Ty! Hope you like your new dirt bike!