Saturday, September 13

A beautiful MESS

Now I've really done it! Through a series of events, we were contacted about 2 more donkeys that needed a new home. We were told they were in poor shape because the owner was unable to give them sufficient time/care. Shawn and I went to see them on Friday and I did it, yep, I really stepped in it this time. When we arrived, I was NOT happy with their appearance. I am no donkey expert, but I found myself looking at two of the most pityful looking animals I have ever seen. My heart was broken for them. Savannah was not with us, and I immediately thought that she would cry over their condition. My very next thought was, 'Savannah could love these donkeys back to good health, and if not, they would be so much better off with us anyway'. I called Savannah and the decision was made, we had to DO something. So I have been quite a sleuth and we are armed with hopefully enough knowledge to give these little donkeys a fighting chance. I'll promise to post pics just as soon as we feel they are both in the 'clear'. It is just a little too sad to do a photo shoot just yet.
I believe the jack, we call him Black Bart, will be fine eventually... IF him and Eeyore can quit being such macho, alpha males and play nice, grrrrr. But the little jennet, Jenne, is very bad off. We have her isolated, so very delicate. She will have a long way back to health but if the reaction she already gives Savannah is any indication... once again, Savannah will be victorious. So after just 48 hours, Jenne's little life is so much more joyful. I love my daughter, she is my hero!!
So, a beautiful mess indeed! Thankful we could rescue these 2 babes, but never figured we would own 4 donkeys, never a dull moment!


Quincy Sorensen said...

Dear Bleeding Heart--whoops! Dawn--you and Savannah are amazing. I am looking forward to pictures of the whole donkey family. Good luck with the rescue mission and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I am sure they are in need of that great TLC your family can offer!

I'm not one to speak when it comes to rescuing animals. All growing up I had some stray visiting in need of food and love and nursed kittens, baby bunnies, birds and many many more animals back to I understand taking them on (though my dad was never thrilled about it ;))!

danakat said...

My B would have insisted we rescue them as well. One of our elders is an avid hunter and she about had a fit when she found out. (too bad he was here at the time...)
I think I'll go post about that in a few minutes.

B would love to come see your animals if you ever have a need to be a tour guide.