Saturday, September 6

Cheap Farm Hand Needed

Savannah and Christian left at 6am this morning for a temple trip. We were left short-handed for help around the farm, who would help feed all the animals?! No ordinary farm-hand could replace superhero farmgirl Savannah. Who Ooooohh who is precious enough to fill her shoes?
And this helper must work for CHEAP! We have a bag of these to offer as payment? Any takers?

Who's that to our rescue? Seems this little gal's parents had some Auburn tickets, so she was free to help us out this Saturday. Whew! Now lets see if she's tough enough!

Taylor was never more than 10 paces behind Ty the whole day. She held her OWN, gotta love a strong girl. She walked, never asked to be carried, from one end of our property to the other. Even walked over to Papa's house to visit too. Wherever Tayter (this is what her cousin Georgia calls her), was... so were the kittens. They loved her!

She even offered to share her wages with the kitties!

The biggest job of the day... feeding the goats and donkeys. Now keep in mind that these rascals can get a little fiesty when it is breakfast time. Taylor would have NONE of their unruly behavior, she scolded them properly when they got a little wild. It was nice to have a farm hand that kept control like Savannah does.

No fear! While our donkeys are miniatures, they are still large in comparison to Taylor. She marched right up to Eeyore and fed him some hay. They had a bond instantly. Taylor did 'no no' Eeyore for the huge piles of manure he recklessly dropped everywhere. Eeyore took the reprimand in stride, and then was Taylor's little (I should say BIG) shadow for the rest of the time in the pen. When we needed to leave it was TOO soon for Taylor's liking, that was the one and only time she got diva with me, it was short lived though.

The rest of her day consisted of MANY wardrobe changes, thanks mom and dad for sending her well prepared for a dirty day on the farm (I'm not sure her shoes will EVER recover though), feeding the herd some cut down brush from Uncle Shawn's project, helped pull a long hose to the back of the property, helped carry water and watermelon to Uncle Shawn, and supervised the puppies getting a bath. After a good bath of her own, she sat on the front porch waiting for the arrival of mommy and daddy. At which point she sprinted down our FOREVER long sidewalk in pure glee... and crashed inches away from leaping in her mommy's arms, oh drat. Good thing we got all that work out of her before she went and injured herself, grin. Seriously, she was OK, and after a busy day with a very minimal nap, I bet the following quote came true.... 'a very busy day brings happy sleep!'
Thank you Taylor, we'd hire you again... ANYTIME!


Lisha said...

It's been forever since we've been out there, and everyone keeps telling me of all the changes you have made... I need to make a sneaky drop-in!

Cari said...

Taylor is the best combination of girly and tomboy. Mom said that Noah wasn't a fan of the goats when you only had two. I'll be curious to see his reaction to the whole herd!

Debbie said...

haha... that's what I love about these blogs. We can really see what our kiddos are up to even when we're not around ;-) Thank you guys for watching her/putting her to work.. haha I soaked her shoes in a little bleach, and they're looking much better. Did the dog ever surrender the brown sandal?