Thursday, September 25

Education... at its finest!

So, truthfully, science was never my favorite subject in school... old report cards would prove that fact. But doing science with Ty has been a BLAST! That cutey thinks everything is super cool and ooohs-aaaaahhs at all the right times! Love 'im!
This week we are studying the Creation. We've done 3 different 'joy directed activities'... which means activities that bring concepts to life.
1. We learned how so many things are unique. Snowflakes look identical to the naked eye, yet we know they are each so different. Crystals seem the same, but are not. Ty made some salt crystals. Has anyone ever done this? It is so incredible! Ty made his blue and they are breathtaking... my camera did not even begin to do them justice, so I refuse to post the pics... no way hosea, nadda, ain't gonna do it!
2. We learned about how people are unique too. We did fingerprint animals, listed Ty's difference/similarities to his sibling, but then the STAR of the show.... fake skin. Surely everyong has done this! If you haven't, stop EVERYTHING this minute and do it because your life will be void and meaningless otherwise, grin. We smeared a bit of glue on Ty's hand. Then let it completely dry. Then he peeled it slightly off, and noticed that the skin 'prints' and grooves stayed in the dry glue, making it look exactly like skin.
Science just isn't exciting enough unless youngest sibling, aka Ty, runs into the classroom screaming!!! OWWWWWWWWW, I've got a huge blister and it is hurting SOOOOO bad. Then youngest child watches as older siblings FREAK OUT at his 'injury'... him keeping a straight face the entire time. Christian even hugged and kissed Ty trying to console him. Maybe a teensybit of guilt felt there, but the scam went on. Then Ty grabbed the 'blistered' skin and RIPPED it off... Savannah and Christian gringed and screamed that he shouldn't have done that, now his blister was really going to sting... and Ty cracked, started laughing his head off. Science experiment completed!

3. And finally, whats a lesson on Creation without going out and collecting a sample of some of the gorgeous things we have around us everyday?!

Didn't know though, that Ty was going to go collect dead insect carcasses off the back porch to add to his collage, gross. Do you see the little mosquito? Now do you see the giant blob of glue Ty used to secure it to his project? Splat!

Now we are off to do math... after a yummy lunch that is....priorities!


Lisha said...

Oh, this so makes me want to homeschool! How fun you get to do this with the kiddos!

Beth said...

That looks like so much fun!

danakat said...

I'm dreading when the girls read your post. Can I just send them to your house?

The Happy Haynie Family said...

You are living my dream! In the back of my heart always wanted to home school my kids...don't know if I could have done it though...all of them perform so much better for others than for me : (

Cinnamon said...

OH TY, you are HILARIOUS! That would be the ultimate April Fool's day joke! I miss y'all SOOOOOOOO much!
P.S.: yes, not Cinnamon, ALEX!(^) (^)

Cinnamon said...

oh, darn they messed up my piggy.....