Wednesday, September 3

Friends don't let friends drive red tractors!

Thats a 'catch phrase' out here in these parts. I wish we had a tractor, this is actually a rental with a bush hog attached. Shawn should know exactly what he DOES want in a tractor once we are able to buy our own... in 20 years or so!

This pic made me giggle. Can you read what is on the back of his shirt? It says 'Dentistry 99'. It is an old sports tee from dental school. Bet he never dreamed back then he would be in AL, driving a tractor, owner of donkeys and goats, laughter!

It was hazy all day today but the temperature was great and we always get such incredible breezes especially in the back. Not sure he would admit it, but by how fast he was rattling off his many adventures of the day... I think he actually loves the tractor life!

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Cari said...

Ha! We have truly turned him into an official country bumpkin now. His family must be so proud!

"Ole McCallahan had a farm!"