Monday, September 22

Back where they belong...

Shawn and Christian left on Friday to go to Baton Rouge and help with Hurricane Ike Relief. They just got home last night, Sunday, none too soon.
I am the supreme whimpo when it comes to time away from my sweetheart. He is my absolute favorite person in the whole world and there is noone I rather spend time with. When I heard how much my two conquering heros were able to accomplish while in Louisiana, I sure was grateful that I bit my selfish little lip, and helped them pack to go... instead of my 'plan B', pout, whine, whimper, and yes... hold my breath till turning blue cause I don't wanna let 'em go!
Quick side note... at around 11pm last night, Shawn and I were settling in for the night, peaceful, quiet country night... THEN, our security alarm goes off!! Do you even KNOW how panicked I would have been if this had happened while the fellas were still gone?! But it was a false alarm, funny thing is that something on a TV commercial hit the perfect pitch to set off our 'glass break' sensor in our masterbedroom. Savannah and Christian shot out of bed and scurried to us... Ty slept through the whole thing!

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Lisha said...

I miss my boys when they are gone, too. I can't wait till Nathan is old enough to do things like that with his daddy, though. You have some special men!