Monday, February 28

the SOUNDS of a storm

We don't have TV.
We do have a weather radio to keep us aware of weather concerns.
But way before any sirens blare, or radios bleep... we are well aware when a storm is coming.
They get anxious.  Ewwwwahhhhhhhh!  They call out over and over... our own personal sirens.
The horses run.  Not sure why, but they run in circles, galloping... such a powerful sound.
And the goats get antsy.  I guess they know that they will soon need to huddle into the barn so they make the most of the minutes before the storm hits... to jump non-stomp and be silly!
Closer to the house the chickens make a ruckus!  Rooster is sure to send out many a doodledoooos!
And the exclamation to all the sounds... Cooper gets to howling.
Minutes later... items are blowing off our backporch.  Sheets of rain that are solid white and we can't see inches past our back steps.  And all the animals are silent.  They snuggle into the barn, coop, doghouse... having exhausted themselves thoroughly, and having done a wonderful job taking care to warn us humans.  Jobs well done.
We sure had a nasty line of storms come over the farm today.  Other than tremendous wind and rain that threw or carried things all over the pasture... all was safe and fine.  I actually love a good rain.  It smells and feels so good out here now.  Content sigh.

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Charity said...

Somehow everything seems more beautiful after the storm has passed. The first picture with the clouds hovering overhead is quite beautiful!