Sunday, February 13

{13} I love...

Being Home.
I guess if I can't be at church with my nursery children... being home is not a bad second option.
I have the flu.  I am pretty miserable truth be told.
Shawn left for church early today and had already woke the kids and made arrangements for them to get to church.  I did not even lift my head off the pillow to micromanage a thing.  I surrendered. 
As Shawn was leaving, he asked me to please try and get outside for a little sunshine.
I'm glad he did.  I managed some time on our back porch steps and it was just what I needed.  I don't really spend much time longing for different seasons.  I know the seasons will change, they will change when they are ready to, no amount of  whining or urging can make Spring come any sooner that it is already going to.  BUT today, I did give a long sigh for sunnier days... I've been puny this winter, gotten a lot of yucka sick bugs... bring on the sun and tulips!!
Oh how I love the sun and tulips... and being home!


The Happy Haynie Family said...

I'm the nursery leader also :) Best calling in the whole ward...I like it because my little kids are so easy to teach and love. Not always the case for let say Relief Society or Young Women.

The Happy Haynie Family said...

Oh and so sorry you are sick...hope you return to health soon :)

Lisha said...

So sorry you're not feeling well. Nate and Kenie missed church today, too. Here's hoping to feeling better soon!