Thursday, February 3

{3} I love...

Sisters, Inc.
 "What is Sisters, Inc.?", you ask?  Every Thursday, Grani Mayfield and all her daughters and daughters-in-laws gather at different houses and hang out.  Sometimes we do crafts, gardening, service projects, and sometimes we just do a whole lot of nothin'.  Cousins take this time to generally run.a.muck, squeal in pure delight, build forts, trampoline jump, wrestle... and any other form of merry making that may cross their random, fabulous minds.
 Today was at Grani's house.  Ty likes to attend on occasion because the younger boy cousins treat him like a RockStar.  Everyone should feel like a RockStar at least some times in their lives... right?!
 (Sorry for the blurry photos of Eden playing in the fort... I have determined that these Mayfield nieces and nephews are harder to photograph than a slew of goats and chickens, whew!  Miss Taylor was in attendance today too but never held still long enough for a snapshot!)
And Sisters, Inc. is never really official without a good lunch had by all and the token pouting child that gets a good scolding from their mom, or aunt, or grani.  I think Eden was thinking at this moment that her mommy was too involved in her chatting to notice her misdeed, but oh no Miss Eden... don't you know, by now, mommies see EVERYTHING.  Busted.  Eden was overall annoyed with her Aunt Dawn for pointing the camera at her at this inopportune time... but she sure is cute, huh?!


Karen said...

I love your love posts. So fun. And Sister Inc.....oh how I dream of that.

Charity said...

Me too! What a great idea!