Sunday, February 6

{6} I love...

Walnut Brownies.
This is probably a funny thing to feel the need to mention in my 'love' posts... but I do so to document some very important (not really) facts.  I am not a 'sweets' person.  I do not own a sweet tooth.  I much prefer crunchy, salty, and spicey things.  The fact that my only real desire for anything sweet is brownies LOADED with walnuts, and the fact that my children do not care for walnuts, and the result of that fact is that there is always a whole pan for Shawn and I to devour, AND the fact that further proves that Shawn and I are meant for each other... I only like the inside pieces and he only likes the outside pieces!!!  We're a match made in heaven!

And just for fun... other food loves include:
celery with peanut butter,
white queso dip,
Mayfield shrimp dip,
triple cream brie and crackers,
Jason's Deli Salad Bar,
soft pretzels with cheese,
terragon chicken salad,
and roasted peanuts.
I'm hungry now... probably was not a stellar idea to do this at 8:36 at night!

1 comment:

Charity said...

Have you tried cucumbers dipped in rice vinegar? It is really good! I am enjoying your loves :)