Tuesday, February 1

{1} I love...

Deliberately chosen,
Deliberately written,
 (this is a little project I am working on and will post about later, wink)
Lyrics to music,
Words from the Prophets,
A child's vocabulary... and lack thereof,
Misspelled words of a young child, 
Sweet whisperings,
Personal musings,
Deep ponderings,
Simple thoughts,
Journal entries,
Blog posts,
Feelings perfectly expressed in print.
I love words.

I am going to spend February documenting things I love.  Things!  Minute and sometimes huge things that make me happy, bring me joy... therefore deserving the word 'love'.  I've been told I use the word 'love' a lot in my writing and speech.  Several years ago I made a conscious effort to edit certain words from my vocabulary... words like 'fair', 'hate', 'offended'... and replace them with very deliberate words like 'love', 'adore', and a fun one... 'yummy'.  I use these words on purpose, I personally do not see their use as an excess, but instead... intentional!

Today is my birthday.  On my birthday 9 years ago I was given a most precious gift... a gift I longed for... for six years.  Ty.  And on this day, 9 years ago, I gladly gave him this day, he is who I wake up excited for, he is who I say thank you for in my prayers especially on February ONE, my precious Tyger.  Yet on Monday, while at the grocery store, me buying his favorite foods (ham, potatoes, peaches) for a special birthday dinner for him... he instead insisted that we have a dinner that I want... MY favorites.  So tonight we shall have BLT's, Caesar Salad, and Pears.  yummy.  And my sweet son called me his 'birthday twin' this morning.  I love this day!

Have you seen this book?  I'm sure there are lots of versions of this... I particularly love this one because so many of the questions/words speak to me!  It is a 5 year journal, in which each day of each of those five years you ponder and answer a question posed to you.  Then years from now, as I ponder that same question answered the years prior, I will remember where I have been, what I have felt, what I have valued, and what I love.
So I start this 5*Year Journal today.  On my birthday.  My first entry on this beautiful crisp page.  I am so excited...
Happy February Everyone!


kg said...

Ty was born on your b-day? How cool is that! What a wonderful day for the both of you! Happy Birthday! Excited to see the rest of that project you're working on...

Charity said...

I loved this yummy post! *wink* Happy Birthday! I have a 5 year journal, One Line a Day type, but I love the idea of answering a question, and the cover is beautiful. And I can't wait to see what homemade thing you are making with pomegranate?

danakat said...

Happy Happy Beautiful Birthday to you and you bday twin!!! What a precious gift. We came home from having B on MY birthday and that is the first thing I think of every bday. Treasured memory.

I also adore words. I love to read them. Write them. Invent them. :)

SO excited to see your fun project!

I have never seen a journal like that. I must investigate further. ExCiTeD!

Lisha said...

I've been thinking of you and Tyger this evening, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a fun journal, I love it. And, so curious about your project... my thoughts are along the lines of Charity! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you and your little Ty! Well, I guess he isn't so little anymore, but Happy Birthday just the same. :)I can't wait to see your latest and greatest project.