Sunday, February 20

I love 'em... I just do!

You know something I love about our oldest two kiddos?  They are pretty easy to please.  They can both have fun doing about anything.  I am finding that this is not always the case with kids their age, and I truly appreciate that they see the effort others put forth on their behalf. 
 Last night they had a Youth Dance in Decatur.  The theme was 'Oscars Night'.  so they got all dolled up, survived the torture that is having a mom that needs a quick picture... and they left for a night of lots of dancing and fun with friends.  They both came home exhausted but ecstatic... it was a great night.  I am thankful that they have a wonderful, protective environment to go and socialize like these dances. 
And I must include this classic photo of little brother horning in on the attention.  Ty fulfills his obligations as pesky little bro quite well.

I want to document a cute conversation Ty and I had while I was fixing his hair for him earlier in the day.
Ty:  "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Me:  "Well, son, I am actually already considered grown up."
Ty:  "NO YOUR NOT... you don't have to grow up until your done being a mom."
Me:  "Oh, okay... then I want to be an Innkeeper of a Bed & Breakfast when I finally grow up."
Ty:  "Are you sure you and dad will be OK when all us kids are grown up?"
Me:  "Are you kidding?  Dad and I are gonna party till the cows come home!"
Ty:  " You're weird sometimes."
Me:  "  That's true!"

And might I add that since I hope to NEVER be fired from my motherhood gig... I don't ever have to grown up... technically, right?  I like the sound of that... I think I'll roll with it!


Charity said...

I guess I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up...good thing CJ is only 2. Ha ha

Cari said...


aydenavaalismom said...

i never noticed till this photo...but Savannah definitely has the Mayfield smile! =) very cute!