Tuesday, February 8

{8} I love...

Crusty Antiques.
I visit a little antique shop out here in the middle of nowhere and when I walk in, the owner lady always says..."I've got some old crusty stuff you are going to love!" 
Ummmm, she knows me well.
I love that I gather these treasures one by one and give them a use, even if just decorative.
Architectural Corbels,
Ironstone and pottery bowls,
Ironstone platters... I love the oval shapes, all sizes,
Baskets... the more crookedy, the better!
This old willow basket is my latest find.  It is lined with an old piece of hemp.  I knew immediately it would look gorgeous on my counter holding veggies.  I love to paint my own signs so I did something I rarely do and actually purchased a reproduction sign from someone else.  The barnwood was just amazing and I loved everything about it!  Little early in the season to display a Fresh Berries sign, but it arrived last week and I just needed a little promise of warmer weather to come.  It makes me smile... BIG!


Sharon said...

Love all your awesome finds! I have always loved architectural details like corbels and have had tons of ideas of what to do with them some day in our house, but haven't gotten to that point yet. Maybe one day. :)

Karen said...

You love them plus you make them look so beautiful. Your home is amazing.

danakat said...

Love all your loves!
I look forward to them everyday.

Your crusty old stuff is beautiful. :)

Charity said...

You make crusty look good, um ...in your home, that is :)