Saturday, February 5

{5} I love...

Laughing Out Loud.
This does not come naturally to me.
I envy those that can simply bust out in genuine laughter.
I grin, I giggle, I smile a lot.
To laugh out loud is rare for me, but oh do I love when something or someone brings me to that point.

 This boy is single-handedly responsible for 99.9% of my laughing out loud.
I might add that this same son is related to the same percentage of my crying out loud, hee-hee, at least in his earlier years.
So, you may... just may... be wondering what these photos are.
The only explanation I have is that Christian ordered himself a new paintball helmet.
On this particular day, it arrived.
This is how he sat around... THE ENTIRE DAY.
During home school,
while playing the Wii (which by the way did not hinder his Mario Cart skills),
he did relent and remove it to eat,
but back it went on his noggin' to clear his table and sweep the floors.
I think he likes his new helmet.  Just maybe.  a ittle bit.

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danakat said...

When I scrolled down to see the first picture, I laughed out loud! Thanks for adding a genuine one to my day. :)