Monday, February 14

{14} I love...

My breath escapes me when I ponder the many blessings that have come from the decision to marry my love, for time and all eternity, on March 19, 1993. 
So thankful for my dear man that I so enjoy to laugh with, cry with, kiss goodnight, and kiss good morning.
I collect quotes, any quote that I hear or read that touches me at that moment.  I keep them written in a journal by my bed.  For one reason or another as I read the following words, they touched me this morning as I thought of Shawn, myself, our life together, and the wonderful thing called 'US'...

"The cream of marriage... the nightly turning out of the days pocketful of memories, habitual sharing of two pairs of eyes, two pairs of ears... in a sense, marriage gives you the benefit of living two lives."  - unknown

"She turns away from luxury and ease to the plainer home, the simpler life, the humbler surrounding... without a murmur."  -  J.R. Miller

"Slow down, live deep.  Life is not about skimming the surface."  - unknown

"...let the line of thought dip deeper into the stream."  Virginia Woolf

"Creating a home, creating a life, is performed with reverence for the beauty of the mundane, elevating everyday tasks into a gentle art."  - unknown

"Oh, the blessed softness of a wife in a hard world."  - unknown

"And while it takes courage to achieve greatness, it takes more courage to find fulfillment in being ordinary.  For the joys that last, have little relationship to achievement, to standing one step higher on the victory platform.
What is the adventure in being ordinary?
It is daring to love just for the pleasure of giving it away.  It is venturing to give new life and to nurture it to maturity.  It is working hard for the pure joy of being tired at the end of the day.  It is caring, and sharing, and giving, and loving...        -  Marilyn Thomsen

"Happiness is the soul's joy in the possession of the intangible."  -  Wm.Jordan

I am so very happy.  -  Dawn


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