Tuesday, August 11

Good Morning Sunshine

Today was Savannah's very first day of Early Morning Seminary.

For those who are unfamiliar with this program... our church provides an Early Morning Seminary class for high school students.

They meet every morning before school from 6:20-7:20am.

This program is voluntary, the kids choose to go, and it is amazing to see all those virtuous teenagers filing into the church building that early in the morning to study and draw closer to their Savior. Powerful!!

Savannah and I were up and out of the house by 5:55am to drive to church. Luckily, Savannah is my morning child... she was all smiles and giggles.

First day surprise, Mickey D's, yippee! Savannah loves their chicken biscuit. She was really lovin' her mom this morning ;)

When we returned home at 7:30am, Bella was the single participant in our welcome home party.

I love this gal! She is a Proverbs 31 Maiden in the most beautiful form. She is everything wonderful and precious all wrapped up in a perfect daughter of God.

I too attended Early Morning Seminary in my youth. I know it strengthened my testimony of His true gospel. I know that while all my choices during those years were not always right, I had the foundation to continually return to what I knew, without a doubt, was true. I am a daughter of God, a wife sealed to my husband in a Temple of the Lord, a mother with 3 children born into the covenant that Families ARE Forever, and today... a very proud mommy of a daughter that daily is making wise choices to follow her Savior.

After yesterdays little miracle... and this early morning trek with my daughter... I'm feeling extremely blessed and happy today!

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Debbie said...

Man, I am SO not a morning person! It's going to be rough when I have to start getting my kids ready for school and then seminary, too. What time do your kids normally get up since they're home schooled? It seems like that would make it even harder to get up for seminary--- so good job, Savannah!