Monday, June 22

Foliage, Blooms, and Peeps

It has been so amazing to see the normal Alabama rain make a return. It currently is typical scorching temps now for summer, but most of my plantings are thriving due to the wonderful Spring Showers.

I love pots dripping with plants on my front porch. This year I did tons of ferns and hostas.

A favorite that I always seem to use each year is sweet potato vines, so easy!

A new favorite is this chartreuse fern. Gorgeous, but I got two of these on the nearly dead rack at Lowes and it had no tag... so I am clueless what its actual name is. But I managed to revive them, pat on the back... my track record for saving struggling plants is not stellar :)

I love the 4 windows on the right of our house. These windows are actually on our attached garage section. I knew I wanted to have a large window box under these. I looked all last summer for a very natural window box, found the style I liked but never could find the size I needed. This year I found this 10' doozy online, thrilled with it!

It is almost at the yummy stage. Everything seems to be happy here... mostly ferns, hostas, ivy, sweet potato vines, bacopa, and a few impatients too.

This is the second summer for all my hydrangeas... they can be whimpy... but so far so good.

These are at our entrance. Tough to get hose to them but the shade is so dense they fair quite well.

Look what Savannah discovered. These are snuggled into a wild blackberry bush on our neighbors chicken fence. Tons and tons of thorns to protect them... smart mommy bird!

Summer at its best. The boys are currently camping out at the old barn with friends. 4wheelers have been running nonstop. Freckles galore. Fireflies. Hikes up the mountain. Climbing trees. Love it!


MrsMama said...

What a lovely home! You've done such a nice job incorporating your love of nature into your decorating. I'm inspired to do something green and drapey on my porch now. :)

Lisha said...

I've always lovd window boxes, and your window is just right for one! Beautiful!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Your farm seems like something out of a dream; I just love seeing the pictures. So beautiful.

Sharon said...

It all looks so great! I love hydrangeas and yours look so nice!

I also have to say that sweet potato vines are awesome and easy.

Your window box is great too!

Debbie said...

I had a bird make a nest in one of our hanging baskets one year. I took the basket down one day to water it, and there were eggs in it, and then I eventually got to see the new baby birds. It was so awesome. I actually wish a bird would do that every year ;-)

Jen said...

Do you know where you found your window box online? I'm looking for one to go on the window above my garage.