Saturday, December 6

HiHo... HiHo...

Off to the tree farm we goooooooo!
We've never had a real tree before... so no time like the present to make a new tradition.

Donner and Blitzen were there to welcome us!
Did you know reindeer love bananas?
Ty just giggled the whole time. Donner was quick to flirt to get that 'nanner.

So here are the tree hunters. Walking among these trees smelt wonderful!
I love firs but this farm did not have them... second choice... a Virginia pine.
So we turned the kiddos loose to find us a perfect one.

And who but my perfect daughter to find one for us. We didn't want to chop the very first one we saw... but sure enough, we looked more and more and Savannah had indeed found the best fit.

And an action shot of my gorgeous hubby sawing the tree down for us.
Notice that it started to rain at the exact moment we made a decision.


The Real reason we brought along the kids, hee-hee... free labor!
Actually they didn't have to tote if far because cutey patooty fellas working there scooped it up for us, and loaded it into the truck.
After hot chocolate was purchased to defrost our bones, we were off!
Great day, and OHHHH how wonderful our house smells now.


Beth said...

What tree farm did you go to? We went to Valley Tree Farm in New Market area. I love a fresh cut tree!

Lacey Freeman said...

How much fun. We did that a few times when I was younger and I always loved it! I can't believe it is already Christmas!!!

The Happy Haynie Family said...

I would like to see it all decorated!...And you know I probably will because we will be there in about 2 weeks!!

Lisha said...

How fun! I need to convince Nate to start this fun new tradition!