Saturday, November 8

Ty's Future Career?

Could Ty possibly be a Meteorologist when he 'gets big'?!
If this week in school is any indication, than he very well could be.
Ty learned about meteorology this week in science, might I add that I gained new knowledge on this subject too!
Ty studied Highs, Lows, Fronts, Jet Streams, etc. He studied the weather patterns over the Western United States and predicted this 6-Day Forecast for the H'ville Area.
Its not 'right on' with the nightly news, but pretty close!
We are excited to watch and see how accurate Ty's forecast will be, starting today... Saturday!
Ty is my 'perfectionist'. My older two kiddos don't bother themselves with such expectations, grin. Ty gets this from Shawn. So he wants to be clear that Saturday is 'MOSTLY SUNNY' and Monday is 'MOSTLY CLOUDY'... he wasn't sure his drawings were clear enough and begged me to let him do the WHOLE thing over again.
Being the ever patient, compassionate, relaxed, tolerant, jovial teacher I AM...
I said 'NO...
Its fine... now lets move on to History!'

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Beth said...

That is impressive! What a cute little smartie pants!