Sunday, November 2

Flushed Away?!?

So, have I mentioned recently how creative my oldest son, Christian is!
Ty had asked to be something for Halloween that I deemed easier to just buy than make, and I asked Christian to make his own costume... and cheap!!
After much contemplation, soul searching, and sleepless nights. He came to a decision....
he was to be (insert drum roll here)...
Now don't you just KNOW that made his mom so proud!

Shawn snapped this photo before Christian was completely 'assembled', he had yet to tape down his tank top... but you can still get the idea, right?!

Please note the finer details of this costume: the flusher, the string that allowed him to lift the lid to put candy in his 'bowl', the roll of toilet tissue that doubled as a safety device (flashlight).
I must add that when he wore this costume for Trunk or Treat on Wednesday... his YM Leaders were even MORE helpful and tossed some Whoppers and an unwrapped BabyRuth candy bar into the 'bowl' for special effect.

All the Mayfield's gather at James and Sarah's home to trick or treat together. We are quite the huge, motley crew! And look what Christian's cousin Kyle dressed as... a whoopie cushion... can you tell they are related? Boys!!

And here is Ty, in his not so cheap costume... but he knew exactly what he wanted to be since June. I've never seen the Star Wars Movies but I'm told he is a bounty hunter, Boba Fett.
Ty was in awe of Christian's costume.
He actually made a smaller version for himself, but said it was just to 'play in' because Ty is much too shy to wear it in public.
And the last I will say about 'the toilet' is... midway through trick or treating... Emma, Ty, and Gavin decided they needed a potty break and asked kindly for Christian's services. He was not very abliging! Emma was a poodle and Christian didn't miss a beat when he said SHE could DRINK from his bowl though.
OK, promise... no more bathroom humor!


danakat said...

THAT is impressive! And I love that the bowl was his candy holder! So awesome.

But what about the rest of you guys?

Quincy Sorensen said...

Oh, these are cute cousins. Like mother, like son (in the creativity department, that is!). :)

Lacey Freeman said...

I LOVE IT! Way to go Christian! I am amazed at how well he did with it! =) I love that the bowl was his candy holder too...haha.

Jen said...

Totally amazing costume. I think I'll steal it for one of my kids next year! :)

kmmclain said...

That is awesome! He is so cute, so he could easily pull it off.

Anonymous said...

Love the costumes! Very creative! I am sure y'all made many people smile! :)

Beth said...

Wow, he is SUPER creative! That is hilarious! What a great job!

Sandy said...

LOL!!! Too Funny ! That boy is a genius! I sometimes watch Donny Deutsch "Big Idea" show....I think ya'll should patent the idea and make millions from it! funny kids!

The Happy Haynie Family said...

HaHa...that is such a kick! Only Christian could have pulled this off!

Kim said...

I'm so glad that you got a picture of C & K together! My batteries died before I got one. I had to show it off to everyone at school!