Saturday, November 15

slow transformation...

I have never been a great cook, simple, not-so-sweet, fact!!!
I have never enjoyed anything associated with the process of cooking... grocery shopping, dishes, etc!
Once, when Savannah was little, she said, "mommy, you must really love us!" I asked what helped her know this... she simply stated, "cause I know how much you hate to cook and yet you do it for us all the time." What a sweet statement from my sweet daughter, but I had a twinge of regret that she was so VERY aware of my dislike to cook.
So, with this new beautiful home, with its wonderful appliances and conveniences... I have hoped that I would embrace this very important task.
So I have set the goal to shop weekly, to be sure and keep fresh ingredients more abundantly handy, and in the spring we will plant our first REAL garden and we will be getting chickens.
Fresh, yummy ingredients helps the creativity when it comes to cooking, FOR SURE!
And I have organized my recipes, rotating them often, cooking and then freezing many items like hamburger, etc, to help with prep times.
Do I dare say I am a changed woman?
I am still using the same pots and pans that my MIL gave us for a wedding gift, and hope to trade them in for new ones, but even until then... I have found contentment.
Hopefully not to late!
Now I enjoy making bread, canning, and creating in the kitchen.
Maybe I looked at cooking wrong all those years. It wasn't entertaining enough, it was monotonous, daily....
Yet, isn't it the simplest form of service, genuine, simple....for my most favorite people?!
I love books of poetry by Gunilla Norris,
especially her book Being Home that beautifully ponders on everyday tasks...
Measuring, pouring, stirring, folding,
shaping, baking, peeling, cutting,
frying, turning, slicing, serving.
These are words I cook with.
They are all motion, all process.
I know as I create this meal
there is another cooking going on.
It, too, is all motion, all process-
an inner transformation.
Help me to give myself away
as easily as this carrot, this new potato.
I want my layers to peel away like the onion's.
I want to be as empty and clean
as the universe in a sweet green pepper
with its white star seeds.
I want. I want. In the heat of Your will
help me to give up wanting!
I am so full of urgency, expectation, image,
I make myself spiritually hungry. You are here,
therefore, there is everything to recieve.
With this daily bread I am fed.


karen said...

I was so with you with it being such a chore.BUT I have yet to find the joy! I am sure glad you have. It is one of my goals in life though. Still working on cooking.

Quincy Sorensen said...

I love the transformation. I do love ANYTHING with food . . . I love planning the menu, selecting items at the store . . . but most of all, THE EATING. Not so crazy about cleaning the floor afterwards.

mom2eight said...

What a beautiful poem. What a wonderful way of seeing the process of cooking in our homes and in our lives. Definitely food for thought.

Lisha said...

Thanks for sharing the poem, I'll have to pick up her book. I must admit I enjoyed cooking more when I didn't have the day-to-day pressures, but it still is something quite enjoyable for me, I'm glad it's getting better for you. You really are a great cook, I think I've enjoyed everything you've made for me!

shari said...

is there anything you are not good at? I would love to cook in that kitchen of yours. Have fun!