Monday, November 3

Condition of the heart...

A farmgirl knows she can choose to live a less complicated life.
A farmgirl knows she can find the inner strength to create the life she wants for herself and those she loves.
A farmgirl knows that her heart is big enough, her shoulders wide enough, and her gifts and talents plentiful enough.
A farmgirl knows the rhythm of working hard when there is hard work to be done, the rhythm of finding joy in the doing of the work, and also the rhythm of slowing down to enjoy each moment.
A farmgirl wants her world and her children's world to be a better, safer, and simpler place.
A farmgirl's heart is as big as a washtub!

I just had one of those unbelievably wonderful days that lasted forever and even then... ended too soon! Wasn't today just breathtaking?!?


karen said...

Glad you had a great day! Hope today is just as lovely. BTW-I just love Christian costume. And then the picture next to Josh. Too funny.

danakat said...

It's amazing that two people can have such unbelievably different days. But I'm determined to get the sickies out of the house, the grumpiness out of the house, and the blahs out of the house. And I'm excited for the exodus.

Glad your day was perfect!