Tuesday, August 26

Umm, well, maybe a little overboard...

So, do any of you out there in bloggers world frequent craigslist? I must say it has replaced my addiction to ebay, since building the house has left funds a tad low, grin. Well, Shawn, I, kiddos, Misty, and the fabulous Mgirls trekked out to the country (not to be confused with the country we live in), to just take a looksy at something that caught my eye on craigslist.
I have a love for the sound of donkeys... did not know about said love until our neighbors got one, and now I grin, randomly, throughout the day at the sound of his eeeeahhhhh! I've tried to become numb to it, futile, I love it... and now fully embrace it!
So I was quite defenseless, yeah, yeah, I was a victim to my 'gotta see 'ittis', when I saw for sale, nativity donkeys! These are miniature donkeys that have a marking on their backs of a cross. They are so CUTE! Everybit as loud of a eeeeahhhhher as the larger donkey next door. SOLD!! We got a jack (male) named Eeyore, and a gennet (sp?, female) named Molly. From what we witnessed while at the farm, Eeyore has quite a crush on little miss Molly, wink, wink.
So you ask... well, Dawn, I wouldn't accuse you of going 'overboard' just for buying 2 precious, adorable, miniature, nativity donkeys.... why are you being so hard on yourself?
Here's the whole sorted details! I was standing there on this beautiful farm, drooling over my newest purchase of the two eeeeahhhh sweethearts... when out of no where, the seller mentioned that they were streamlining their animals to focus on donkeys and horses. So I had to ask myself, and soon thereafter, Ms. Cheryl... but what about the little goats? Are you keeping them? At which point she looked at me with a NOT SO INNOCENT grin, and said... they are for sale too. WHAT!!??!!
Now, actual pictures to follow once we pick up our HERD on Saturday, but you will see then that I truly WAS defenseless, cause our current goats are gorgeous brown and white goats, and several of Ms. Cheryl's were black and white. SEE?!? How cute will they be running around our back acreage, mowing the lawn for us? I added that 'mowing the lawn' part for Shawn. He is still reeling, doesn't know what hit him, went from 'lets go see these cute donkeys', to a new owner of EIGHT new animals! Yep, there it is, my confession of overboardAGE! Two donkeys and Six new goats, bringing our total to 8 goats. And did I mention the small detail that we don't have a fence up yet on the back property and we pick up the animals Saturday, AND we don't have a trailer to pick them up with.
So, any thoughts on how many months.... years.... it will take me to dig myself out of 'debt' with my dearest sweetheart? Truth be told he was very smitten by the donkeys... he was all about the donkeys once we got there... it was the goats that did him in. Meanwhile, Savannah stood in the background, giggling, clapping, jumping up and down, but ever so silent, as she didn't DARE dream that I was actually going to talk him into this. Her self control was amazing, incredible performance, my dear sweet daughter! I've raised you well, grin!


Cari said...

Can't wait to see the new "herd".

Lisha said...

Excited to see the new Callahan additions! I need to get on board with Craigs List!

kmmclain said...

How exciting! Start digging those fence posts. I'm anxious to see the pictures of the new additions.

Lacey Freeman said...

What a good story. I love the way you write. I can't believe that you have so many goats, but like you said, at least you won't have to mow so much land!! I am excited to see pictures!