Tuesday, August 12

Sleepy Eyes

First thing in the morning, then last thing in the evening... I just love sleepy, cuddly, children! When I am watching my nieces and nephews, the joy I get from seeing THEIR sleepy eyes in the morning and at night is about more than I can handle. So funny to me, but I must add them to the 'list'... my favorite things in the WORLD list... puffy eyelids!
There's the classic look... moooooooooooooom! Just let me be to get my cereal bowl in peace!!
And our little miss savannah sunshine. She wakes up pleasant and precious. Eager to feed all her many pets and start her day. She is a Morning Person in every sense of the words!

AND, then there's my mini me! Morning comes way to soon for Christian, even if it is already 10am. He's a sleeper, but he gets plenty of compassion from his mom, because I am too. Luckily Christian is also a BOY, and soon enough his tummy won't let him sleep any longer, he must 'feed the machine' and Christian finally joins the family for the day.

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