Wednesday, August 20

Promise, finally fulfilled

Please forgive me, this is a NOVEL of a post. I promised a friend, not local, that I would post pictures of some of these items that I have tried to describe to her. So these pics are way over due for her, and now she has to fulfill her promise to comment more, wink, wink!
This is a pic taken to the immediate right as you enter the familyrm. I call this the family 'hub' cabinet. We each have an individual drawer for our 'junk'. And then the other drawers hold pens/pencil, paperclips, etc.
I can't put magnets on the fridge for Ty's artwork and such, so here is a splash of whimsy in our familyrm. I painted a 'mat' on the wall and then added 3 corkboards so I could add those personal tidbits that used to go on the front of the fridge.
This is our wonderful dish hutch. I had this narrow stretch of wall across from the pantry and I was stumped as to what to squeeze in there. Shawn actually suggested this hutch and I love it. We had just enough depth for plates, so it was meant to be. Now the kids can set the table for meals and NOT be in my cooking space. Its so nice.

And here it is... the item that EVERYONE pauses in front of in awe. Go figure, a fridge has its own 'groupies'. I love it too, the scale is perfect for the room and who knew a fridge could actually be pretty.

This is one of my favorite 'collages' in the house. The canvas print of the entwined fork/spoon makes me smile. And that corbel is off an old church, gorgeous!

I am so thankful I stuck to my gut intincts on the kitchen. So many people tried to talk me out of going all the way to the 10' ceiling with the cabinets. Again, spacially (sp?), it is the right scale. Especially because the ceiling a few inches away, pitches to over 20'. Now I have that rare space up top to store holiday items and outdoor entertaining stuff. More favorites, the backsplash, cabinet hardware, and the pot filler.I love these windows. Someday, there will be a gorgeous view to look at while doing the dishes, grin. I've always loved the single basin large farmhouse sinks. I hate dishes on my counters, so this does the trick. The countertops are honed black granite. It gives a wonderful look somewhere between the look of cement and soapstone, it will get better and better as it ages. The granite also goes behind the sink and into the sill of the window. I want to become a topiary master someday and this is where I will line up my masterpieces!

Shawn and I found this huge slab of oak at an antique store in Cullman for our harvest table. We had it planed, minimally, so as to make it 'semi' flat but leave all the incredible character. We built the legs/apron, I did 10 layers of stain and sanded inbetween, and 3 layers of sealer!! I can fit 12 nieces and nephews around this beast. I usually purpose it as a kitchen island when not entertaining.

And finally, the familyrm. I love this fireplace wall. Eventually there will be a flatscreen over the mantle, but for now I have some artwork there. This is a really good 'holding pattern' look until Shawn gets his bigscreen, grin.

I am so proud of this accent. Shawn has been teaching Christian to use powertools. He is loving it. So I had miscellaneous branches just leaning in a corner and asked Chrisitan to chop them up and stack them in the niche. I left, and when I got back, this is what he did! I don't want to move one little branch, it is perfect. As we find more branches, I know he will be my go to guy to build it up higher.

Here is a shot of my back wall of windows, instant relaxation! This is our PotteryBarn table that I have had for years and will never, NEVER part with. The more wear and tear it gets, the better it looks. I eventually want to slipcover my old parson chairs in linen. I just can't decide if I even want window treatments in here. The windows are casements. Maybe a very clean, linen roman shade, I'm sure they would stay pulled up all the time anyway, thoughts?

And the view out the familyrm french doors. Approximately 150' back will eventually be a manicured backyard, I'm drooling thinking of the future plans. Then the rest of the land will have a pond, and at the very back... a small barn for horse, donkey, cow, and lots and lots of goats. All done, are you still awake?


The Hess' said...

Woooow. I am seriously JEALOUS of your BEAUTIFUL creative decorations. And i am just in LOVE with your kitchen. I love EVERY single thing about it, the cabinets, the Drawers of beans and rice and such.. the Fridge OH the fridge!!!!!!! droooool..

Beth said...

I am totally enamored by your home. I'm sure you'd love to sell it to us (fully furnished and decorated of course) a few years down the road right???

Lacey Freeman said...

WOW! I really don't even know what else to say other than that...totally the style I LOVE and it is seriously gorgeous.

Lisha said...

Pea green with envy, I just love your home. Can I move in?!! :) And, I just LOVE Christian's branch pile, it is fabulous!

Sharon said...

Looks GREAT! I need to make a visit and see it in person! :)

Charity said...

Beautiful Dawn! You really have a great vision for the home you are creating! I love it!

Dear Father-
Please forgive me for the sense of envy I felt as I read Dawn's post. I will be grateful for what I have and not for what I don't. Amen.

The Happy Haynie Family said...

Love it! Love it! love it!!!!!

Jennifer said...

hi there -- I found a link to your blog on Debbie's (I went to school with her and Jared). This is GORGEOUS! We've got a kitchen remodel in our future, and I'd love to know the manufacturer of the cabinets and hardware and more about the backsplash.