Saturday, August 30

Another one bites the dust

Seems the Mayfield masses have been slammed with a nasty yucka!! It has ruthlessly gone through family by family. We are now the latest victims. Starting around 10am, this morning, it struck... we tried to deny it, futile. Ty seems to have it the worst thus far, I just cry when my kids are this sick, so helpless. I've contacted a few family members with experience pertaining to said yucka bug, news ain't good. 24 hours of viciousness, another 24-48 hours of intense recovery. We have a wonderful Labor Day planned, food is involved, food that NOONE wants to even think about right now! Looking forward to seeing what an improvement tomorrow will bring to our household, I've never had a bad Sunday, I love Sundays, very optimistic. Meanwhile, if you see a Mayfield within 10 feet of you or someone you love, be kind, smile, wave, about face, RUN!!!!


Cari said...

By some miracle, Noah and I are fine thus far. Thank goodness!! I am totally feeling it for all of those that are sick though. It sounds so miserable.

MaioCampo said...

Boy... this memo got out just a tad late.

The boys and I went over to Nathan's and Alisha's to watch the Auburn game and left at about 8:15pm.

Sunday night Josh spent all night tossing his cookies while Kyle made a contribution here and there, then spent all day today running fevers.

Kayti got sick today and has been in bed all day.

I had to work this morning, but as the day wore on I got to feeling bad... I am writing this from the bed (I don't yak, so I'm especially miserable).

The sad part in this is that Kayti read this post Sunday morning and joked that it was a good thing we don't see the family much (I know, sad). Now we're joking that it doesn't take much... all it took was two hours. Heh, heh.

The Happy Haynie Family said...

All I can say is that I hope LaVor and Sam haven't brought it home to us here in Oklahoma. Emma was puking when Papa and Sam went to visit...i guess time will tell!