Tuesday, August 19

One second you're up... the next....look out below!

We had our Ward Enrichment on our land tonight. So earlier today, I asked the kids to do a few things to straighten up the land/house. Ty was assigned to sweep the front walk. Now given, we have a beast of a front walk, but the drama he displayed was incredible. Around the tenth time of whining and spouting broken child labor laws... he got real brave and told me he wouldn't do it! He was hot and sweaty and could work no longer! So I calmly told him that I was going to miss watching him play baseball. Total confusion, but curiousity got him... what could THIS have to do with baseball?! I explained... you get really hot and sweaty when you play baseball, so I guess there's no more baseball for you, as I displayed a look of such disappointment (afterall, mothers have to be dedicated to the reverse phsychology, when attempted)! Ty sat stunned and thinking... then stormed toward the front door. Then turned, stomped right back over to me and said..." you just wait, I'm gonna grow big, and smarter, and then I will be able to think faster, and THEN I will win a fight with you, and then I will be laughing.... but now I'm mad at you (stomp, stomp, whimper, slamming of front door, for emphasis). Now of course I would not dare let him see me grinning, but I thought he was so very cute in that moment, and I think, THINK, that my 6 yr old still thinks his mom is smart! So here is my SECOND of being UP..... short lived.

Later in the day, Savannah came to me ranting and raving about some absolute travesty, or so how SHE saw it. I let her unload, going on and on, AND on! But then I made the terrible mistake of trying to offer advise tooooooo soon. She wasn't ready for me to reason with her yet, she still had a hissy to perform, so of course all anger, anguish, and emotion plopped right in MY lap. I couldn't backpaddle fast enough, I missed the cues, I lept in too soon. THEN I took a turn at being unreasonable and told her that I don't appreciate her acting as if I KNOW NOTHING!! She calmly and collectively took a breath and said... 'Moooooooom!!! (I never knew that word had more than ONE syllable?!*#) I never said you knew nothing.... you just know VERY LITTLE about THIS! Ahhhh.... there it is, I'm back DOWN to earth again... so a day in the life of a mother, grin.


kmmclain said...


Your entries always put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

Didn't you know that kids know more about "real" life then we do? hee hee! little do they know what dramas life holds when they are adults! ;)

Enjoyed hearing y'alls conversations! Made me smile!

Lacey Freeman said...

I love it. Ty is just too darn cute.

Lisha said...

Wish I had the Mayfield wit... love the Ty story!