Tuesday, August 12

'Being Home'

I don't know who took this photo!?! But while I was downloading pictures, my heart lept at the sight of it... our front door... our home. I could easily become a hermit, never leaving our home, our land, and most definitely being content and happy. But I know while I love to 'stay home', I gain so much in experience when I must leave home too.
I love poetry, quotes, music... words so beautifully arranged, clearly representing feelings and thoughts. I love to read pieces written by Gunilla Norris. Has anyone read her work? While Gunilla does not have the same understanding of her Heavenly Father and her Savior as I, still her words touch me. She has such a way of meditating on the 'everyday' wonders, even housework. She makes me think differently about my daily 'chores', finding joy in my role as mother and domestic engineer. So with this photo, I thought of Gunilla...

Crossing the Threshold
Many times today I will cross over a threshold.
I hope I will catch a few of those times.
I need to remember that my life is, in fact,
a continuous series of thresholds:
from one moment to the next,
from one thought to the next,
from one action to the next.
Help me appreciate how awesome this is.
How many are the chances to be really alive...
to be aware of the enormous dimension
we live within.
On the threshold the entire past
and the endless future
rush to meet one another.
They take hold of each other and laugh.
They are so happy to discover themselves
in the awareness of a human creature.
On the threshold the present breaks all boundaries.
It is a convergence,
a fellowship with all time and space.
We find You there.
And we are found by You there.
Help me cross into the present moment-
into wonder, into Your grace:
that "now-place", where we all are,
unfolding as Your life moment by moment.
Let me live on the threshold as threshold.
-Gunilla Norris

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