Wednesday, August 20

Our lil' green mystery

Isn't it cute? Usually these little critters are on our windows. This is actually the first time I have spotted one on anything other than glass. Does anyone know what kind of frog this is? Its 'underside' looks exactly like a suction cup, grin. If noone knows, I may have Savannah and Christian tackle this mystery for a science research topic. FUN!

Shhh, its sleeping. Usually its eyes are wide open and they blink periodically so you know its still alive, whew!


Lacey Freeman said...

Too cool...Chase would LOVE to see that. He thinks frogs are the coolest.

Lisha said...

I had one of those on one of the loblollies I bought... luckily it jumped off BEFORE I put the trees in the van, but the girls would have died and gone to heaven with a new little pet to love (to death).