Wednesday, May 18

we can a.l.m.o.s.t. see the finish line

This has been a tough school year for us!  Savannah took an extra heavy course load, not sure she'll do that again, snicker.  Advance Spanish about did Christian, Savannah, AND their dad IN!!  Shawn dearly loves the language... having served his mission in Madrid... and the kids, not so much.  I think Shawn took personal offense of their lack of enthusiasm for all things espanol (did I even spell that righ, eek... i may have hubby mad at me too)!  And Savannah's trig was a test for us ALL.  What in the world are we going to do to get through Calculus?!... I may be out of my league and have to bring in re-enforcements next year, whew!
 Awww, look at my studious son, NOT!!  At least I do know that he is not listening to music in those earphones... he is watching lesson video, hence the excited expression.
 Let's zoom in, shall we?
 Savannah and Christian (ummm, just this very moment I am realizing that I never saw Christian helping with this except to eat) made Cheese & Macaroni Casserole for Culinary Arts this week.  It got a 3 thumbs up... from each of the kids.
 Here is Ty... my least picky eater of my three kids, and yet he is still hard to please.  He gets his nose down this close to ANYTHING new.
In the end, he did enjoy his lunch made by big sis and bro.  PS - did you notice the school uniform each of the kids were wearing?  pajamas, yep...and it was lunchtime... and as there teacher I plea the 5th as to what I was wearing all day.... hint... starts with 'P'... ends with 'Js'.  Its my theory that pajamas increase learning percentages by 227%.  I can back this up with scientific formulas and graphs.


Josh said...

The Woodsers miss them some Callahan kids!!

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Thanks for listing Cedar Hill in your blog list!! Love all of the portraits. Can't tell where you live but it looks divine. I'll go back to your blog and see if I can tell.