Thursday, May 5

one who gathers objects together....


I love old books... the notes written inside the cover, words underlined by someone who felt them worth remembering, the discolored pages.

 My heart leaps when I see a copyright like the one below...
 Old dictionaries make me swoon, and
 sheet music.  I think it is because I have not an ounce of musical talents so these amaze me that they actual 'speak' to so many and create such beauty.
 I will never be able to walk away from an old cream, white, or shell button.
 Old frames, the only thing that makes them better is to,
 make them useful again as blackboards, pinboards, mirrors, or add a new photo.
 I have been collecting old linens for over 20years.  Some I will use in our Bed and Breakfast.
 Rusty, tarnished anything is a beauty for me.  I DO NOT OWN silver polish... nope, never.
 Any day now my husband is going to have a sit down talk with me about how many baskets reside in our home, he thinks too many... me thinks I can never have enough, evil snicker!
 My color inspirations have drastically changed in this house.  I am so in love with neutrals... taupes, creams, grays... and a hint of faded blue is always welcome.  Blues make me smile... aquas, turquoises, gray blues... I love them all!
 Old utilitarian objects are art.  Scales are my faves.
 And anything with peeling, crackling paint cause me to pause.
So today I am officially announcing my grand opening of an antique booth at Packards Antiques, 11110 South Memorial Parkway.  Saturday, May 7th will be the official opening day.  Once you walk in the front door of Packards... you can find my booth down the 3rd aisle from the far right and I am the 4th booth on your left.  My business name "Once Upon a Farm" will be hanging there.  You can also see some other interests that have peaked lately for me like slipcovered furniture, etc... added to the items seen above.  So fun!

This blog will remain my family journal... so while my new business will be a new part of my life, I do not want it to take over the purpose for this blog.  So if you are ever curious about my newest finds and want an update of the latest items to go into my shop, you can see that and more at my business blog...  It will be officially up and running this weekend.

I have future dreams of having a huge annual/biannual Vintage Market sale here on the farm.  This is that dream in its infancy.  I just love to gather things as I see them.  Truth is that I do not have room for all I see and collect.  So this booth will be a great outlet for those finds.  I look forward to having this creative outlet!  Yippee!!

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kg said...

Wow! What an adventure, I'm so excited! I was wondering as I started this post...where in the world does she put ALL this vintage stuff she's I know :)