Saturday, May 21

Real love

This boy loves baseball.  Like really, REALLY, loves baseball.  He is a Blue Jay this year.  Just like moving up from middle school to high school... Ty is now in kid pitch.  He has gone from being an AllStar last year to adjusting to the whole new game play of minor league.  He loves it! 
So far this year he has pitched in his first game, he has done well and pitched several times since.  He had his first ever double play, in the opening game nonetheless.  I guess he liked the way it felt because he has gotten a couple double plays since then.  And he has earned 2 game balls... his head coach does not freely give game balls, so that is quite an honor.  
 I personally think Ty has a cute Assistant Coach.  I think I want to marry him... oh, wait... I already did.  SCORE!
 It must be noted that our ball park has the best soft pretzels.  Trust me... I've tried the pretzels at other parks... ours are the yummiest.  No salt please, cheese on the side.
 Ty is ever faithful to his park dog... plain... and the free soda for players.  Great Day!

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Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

I think I tried to post this earlier. Thanks for listing Cedar Hill Ranch on your side bar. I love your family photos!! I would follow, but couldn't find a place to do so on your blog.